Mobile & Apps

Mobile apps

We develop web apps, native apps, hybrid apps, and more for a range of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.


Web apps

Newphoria provides multi-device, cross platform services using HTML5 (a next generation web standard) as well as application development. We also support embedded devices.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

As well as content development, content distribution service provision and implementation support, Newphoria also performs web-based technology research and development for digital signage, which is becoming a part of social infrastructure.

Contents Platform

Contents Platform

Newphoria provides high-quality content to boost the profile of digital signage such as news, horoscopes, and weather forecasts at low prices for any location or situation.



An app development support service for web developers to build apps in the cloud using HTML5+JavaScript+CSS. It doesn't require native development programming languages such as Java or Objective-C.

Applican® (Japanese)



A smartphone app for TV stations that maximizes the dynamic functionality of smartphones and enables high-speed, stable, on-time video transfer without missing on-air schedules.